How To Repair Your Dishwasher When It Has Stopped Working Properly

Your appliances throughout your home require maintenance so they can run properly without failing before their life is over. Without proper maintenance, you could see a lot of breakdowns and issues with your appliances, such as not working as efficiently as they should, or not cleaning your belongings the way that they should, which is the case with the dishwasher. Without maintenance on this appliance, you could see a breakdown, or a breakdown in the efficiency and the level of performance. If your dishwasher is not performing as it once did, it may be because of a lack of maintenance on your part. Read on for what you can do if your dishwasher is not working properly.

Remove Debris From The Filter

The filter may be clogged with debris that is causing it to not work properly. If there is too much caught in the filter, it could lead to your dishwasher not being able to perform as it should. The water may be accumulating in the base of the dishwasher and dirty water is being splashed all over your dishes, rather than draining as it should. You may also still have water in the base of your dishwasher after your dishwasher has finished a cycle. If you have debris clogged in the filter, you need to remove the filter from the base of the dishwasher and should clean it out.

Remove The Sprayer Arms

Remove the sprayer arms from the dishwasher and inspect them. If they are full of calcium buildup, they may not be able to spray water through them as they once could. If they are not spraying water properly, they will not be able to rinse your dishes, so the soap will remain on your dishes, and they could appear dirty.

Check For Clogs

If you have clogs in your dishwasher, it may be an issue that is leaving water in the base of your dishwasher. It may also be causing foul odors to come out of your dishwasher. If you have a clog in your dishwasher, you need to remove the clog. To do this, you will have to snake the drain, or you can attempt to pour a drain cleaning liquid into the drain. Be sure you are scraping your dishes before you put them into the dishwasher.

If your dishwasher has stopped working, you may be able to make the repair yourself. Hire a professional appliance repair service  to help you make the necessary repairs to your appliance.