2 Possible Reasons Why There Is Excessive Condensation In Your Sub-Zero Freezer

When you open the door to your sub-zero freezer, you expect to see some moisture in the air along with tiny droplets of frozen water along the interior walls. However, you may have found that the food stored inside is covered with water and ice along with thick ice formation inside the freezer.

If this is happening, the primary cause is that there is too much condensation inside the freezer. Below are a couple of reasons why your freezer is generating excessive condensation inside a sub-zero freezer, both of which should be addressed by a professional repair technician.

1. Drain Line Has Become Clogged up or Has Sustained Damage 

One possible reason why there is excessive condensation in your sub-zero freezer is that there is an issue with the drain line. Moisture buildup in the air inside the freezer occurs naturally, and normally, the excess water is drained out through the line, especially during the automatic defrost cycle.

However, if the drain line is clogged up or has sustained damage, the water will not be able to drain out of the freezer and will start to accumulate and freeze. A repair technician can inspect the freezer's drain line to see if it needs to be cleaned out or replaced. 

2. Evaporator Coils Are Dirty or Have Started to Malfunction 

Another possible problem that could be contributing to the buildup of excess condensation in the freezer is that there is an issue with the evaporator coils. As the air inside the freezer passes through the coils, they pull the moisture out of it.

However, if the coils are dirty or have rust on their surfaces, this reduces the amount of surface space where the air comes into contact with them. The evaporator coil motor may also be malfunctioning. A professional can check the coils to see if they need to be cleaned as well as inspect the motor to see if it should be replaced.

Excessive condensation in your sub-zero freezer can cause issues with food quality and lead to spoilage and waste. Whether there is a problem with the drain line being blocked or the evaporator coils not being able to pull moisture out of the air, you should have the appliance looked at by a professional to see what can be done to fix the issue. Contact an appliance shop that offers sub-zero freezer repair services to find out more.