3 Repairs A Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Service May Need To Make When The Ice Maker Stops Working

Sub-Zero refrigerators are high-quality luxury appliances, but even so, parts can wear out and the refrigerators may need repairs. When your refrigerator needs to be serviced, your warranty may require you to use a certified Sub-Zero refrigerator repair service. Plus, using a factory-certified repair service gives you peace of mind that your high-end refrigerator is in qualified hands while being diagnosed and repaired.

A problem that might arise with your refrigerator is trouble with the ice maker. There are a few solutions for ice maker problems your repair service can try. Here are some problems you might encounter with your refrigerator's ice maker and the repair solutions.

1. A Blocked Water Line

When your refrigerator won't make ice, there are a few reasons to consider, and that takes visual inspection of the parts. The indicator light may show the ice maker has a problem, but it won't identify what the exact problem is. The repair technician may find the water line is blocked with ice.

This might happen if the freezer has been set on a colder setting than recommended by the factory. This causes the water in the line to freeze and that keeps the ice maker from making ice. This repair is fairly simple since all that's required is to take the water line off or defrost the freezer and thaw out the ice plug. Then the repair technician may restore the factory setting for the freezer or make other repairs so the line doesn't clog up again.

2. A Bad Ice Maker

If the ice maker itself is bad, the repair technician can replace it. First, the refrigerator is unplugged to turn off the compressor, and then the bad ice maker is removed by taking out the screws holding it in place.

The ice makers in Sub-Zero refrigerators are usually easy to reach and service. However, it may be necessary to loosen the control board or take out the freezer drawer to replace the ice maker. The new part is installed by positioning it where the old part was removed and attaching the wires and screws.

3. A Jammed Ice Maker

Problems with the ice maker might be due to an ice jam. It might be possible to break the jam apart, but it may be necessary to defrost the freezer. The freezer can possibly be defrosted manually, but this could take quite a while. If the freezer isn't defrosting properly automatically, the repair service may need to troubleshoot the problem and make repairs so the freezer doesn't ice over again.

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