Do You Need A Larger Propane Tank On Your Property?

When you have propane-run appliances, such as your heater or your stove, you usually have a large propane gas tank on site. If you have a current propane tank and it's working well for you, you may be wondering how to tell when you need to have a new tank put in. If you are unsure if you need a new propane tank on your property, speak to a propane tank installation company and use this guide to help you make the decision.

You've installed new propane-run appliances

If you have installed a new appliance that runs primarily off of propane, such as a water heater, heater, stove, or even a clothing dryer, then your propane tank will have to supply even more propane than it currently is. In this case, you have two options: either have your current tank scheduled for more refills, which can be time-consuming and cause a lot of frustration in trying to manage the tank's contents, or you can have your home's current propane tank replaced with a new, larger propane tank.

Your propane tank installation specialist will inspect your propane tank when your propane gas appliance installation is done. This inspection is done to see if your tank is in good condition and is also a good time to see if your propane tank is in need of being replaced with a larger unit in order to accommodate all your needs.

You're running out of propane more frequently

Are you using more propane in the winter than your propane unit has room for, causing you to need frequent refills or to actually run out of propane? More propane gas usage can warrant getting a new propane tank for convenience and safety; speak to your propane tank installation specialist to see if this is a great option for you and to discuss propane tank replacement options.

You want a larger tank to save money

When you get a larger tank to save money, you benefit in more ways than just financially. You have a propane tank that is able to hold additional gallons of gas that you may need for an emergency or for unexpected bouts of propane use. Propane prices fluctuate like other natural gas prices do, and when you have a larger tank, you're able to stock up on more of the cheaper propane gas even if you don't use it all in the near future.

A wise tip is this: trade up to a propane tank that is big enough for a whole year's worth of propane at once and have your tank filled in the summer. This is when propane is usually at its cheapest; speak to your propane tank installation specialist to find out how you can benefit from a larger tank.