Is Your Microwave Unusually Noisy? 3 Common Issues That Require Repair

Your microwave is one appliance that helps make life more convenient. While microwaves were once viewed as being an extra amenity in a home, they are now considered to be practically a necessity. When you think about it, your home's microwave receives a lot of heavy use that can add up to a great deal of wear and tear over the years. This is especially likely if you use it every day. Keeping your microwave clean and only using approved materials inside it is the first step toward keeping it operating for many years to come. Be especially aware of any strange noises that you hear so that you can immediately arrange for microwave repair services.

The Magnetron is Faulty

Microwave magnetrons are complicated parts of the machine that are responsible for heating up food. Over time, they can become damaged or wear out due to age. When your magnetron goes out, you may also notice other issues such as that the food is not heating properly. A noise can also occur shortly before the magnetron goes completely out. In most cases, it is best not to try to test for a faulty magnetron by yourself. A professional microwave repair tech will know how to minimize the risks posed by working with the high voltage parts of the machine.

The Roller Guide is Stuck or Broken

Have you cleaned your microwave recently or accidentally slammed the door? If so, then the noise could be caused by something as simple as the roller being off its tracks. Open up your microwave and check the position of the roller to see if it needs an adjustment. If it looks like it is sitting properly, then give it a closer look to see if it is broken. The roller wheels can also sometimes get stuck, which will require you to replace the part for optimal use.

The Cooling Fan is Not Working Properly

Your microwave also has a cooling fan that is designed to blow cool air onto the magnetron to prevent it from overheating.  A fan that is getting ready to go out may make a screeching noise due to the bearings generating friction as the blades try to move. It is also possible that the blades have become stuck on something or that the motor is burning out. Repairing the cooling fan right away can help you to avoid a more costly magnetron replacement.

If you have any issues with your microwave, contact a qualified microwave repair company near you.