Wash And Dry A Lot Of Clothes? Tips To Keep Your Dryer Maintained And Common Problems You Can Have With It

If you wash and dry a lot of clothes this puts a lot of work on your dryer. Because of this, you need to make sure you keep the dryer maintained to help prevent issues. Problems can still happen, however. This is especially true if the dryer is getting old. Keep reading to learn more so your dryer will last longer.

Dryer Maintenance

A dryer produces a lot of vent, especially if you dry large loads. Because of this, you need to keep the lint trap clean. Check the trap after every dry cycle and remove all lint. If you do not do this and too much lint builds up, this may result in your dryer catching on fire.

Move your driver away from the wall as much as you can, and you will see an exhaust duct. Inspect the duct for any bending or crimping. If you see these things see if you can straighten out the exhaust duct. If you cannot you should replace it. You also need to inspect inside the duct for any type of obstructions. It is common for lint to build up in the duct, especially if you do not keep the lint trap clean.

Inspect the vent cap located outside your home to ensure it is in good condition. Open the door of the dryer and wipe out the drum with a damp cloth. It is common for the drum to become dirty over time.

Common Dryer Problems

One common dryer problem you may have is no heat coming from the dryer. This could be problems with the temperature switch, bad thermostat, or the heating element may need to be replaced.

Another common problem is the drum not spinning even though the dryer is on. In most cases, this is due to a broken belt. It could also be a bad roller, or problems with the motor or idler.

You may also experience the dryer getting much hotter than it should. This problem is dangerous and should be repaired immediately. First, unplug the dryer to let it cool down. One thing that can cause overheating is the lint trap or the vent located outside of your home are clogged. The heating coils or thermostat may also be bad.

If you are having trouble with your dryer, contact a repair company, like D-3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc., to take care of the dryer for you. This will ensure everything is repaired properly. The contractor can also help you know of other common issues with dryers, as well as give you more maintenance tips.