Noisy Refrigerator? 2 Common Causes

Of all the appliances in your kitchen, the refrigerator is the most important one. Not only is it responsible for storing your food, but it also keeps your food chilled, ensuring it is enjoyable and safe for consumption. Unfortunately, the refrigerator is also an appliance that runs constantly, meaning it is under a lot of pressure. Different sounds coming from this appliance may not be a cause for concern, since it is always running. However, loud noises that you are hearing constantly may be something serious. Here are a few reasons your refrigerator may be making loud noises.

Condenser Issue

If the noise is loud to the point where it can wake you up or affect your ability to hear the television, the condenser may be failing.

Located in the bottom of the refrigerator near the compressor, the condenser fan circulates air over the condenser coil to remove heat. Because it is responsible for removing heat, the condenser is one of the most important parts of your refrigerator's function.

In some instances, heavy amounts of dirt and debris can buildup in the condenser motor and fan blades, causing a loud grinding sound. Cleaning away any debris quickly is key to preventing the noise, but it is also essential for reducing stress on the fan blades.

If the fan blades are warped or there is visible damage to the condenser motor, replacing the unit may be necessary.

Failing Evaporator

If the loud noises are stemming from the freezer portion of your refrigerator, there is probably an issue with the evaporator. This key component circulates air, cooling your food to the point where frozen food can freeze and stay frozen for a period of time.

Over time, ice can build up on the evaporator fan blades, reducing the part's ability to circulate chilled air. This can affect the freezer's ability to keep your food frozen, but it can also cause a loud grinding sound occasionally.

Removing all of the food from your freezer and disconnecting power will help you defrost the freezer. This reduces the icy buildup on the evaporator, ensuring the evaporator fan works properly so your food can stay chilled properly while in the freezer section.

In certain situations, replacing your refrigerator may be necessary. However, occasional loud noises should not cause you to panic. Contact a professional to diagnose the noise, helping you determine if replacing or repairing the refrigerator will be a better solution. Click here for more information.