3 Useful Tips When Maintaining A Microwave

Think about all of the store-bought pizzas and frozen snacks you've purchased. Now try to imagine preparing these delicious treats without a microwave. This innovative appliance has such a profound effect on your life, and you can keep it working properly thanks to these maintenance tips. 

Keep it Clean 

Perhaps the most simple, yet most forgotten, maintenance step when it comes to microwaves is keeping them clean. After weeks of use, food particles and liquid substances collect all over the interior. Not only do these residues harden and make the microwave look grotesque, they create breeding grounds for bacteria to thrive. Then, you risk getting you and your family sick with every use. 

Fortunately, cleaning the microwave is rather simple. All you really need is a warm cup of water and a hint of lemon. Cooking the warm water should loosen up any tough residues, while the lemon leaves a refreshing smell in the area. Several tablespoons of vinegar will also suffice as a DIY cleaning solution.

Monitor What Goes Inside

After a long day, it's rather easy to accidentally put something in the microwave that's not compatible. Then, what was simply a careless mistake turns into a homeowner's nightmare in the form of explosions and fires.

Under no circumstances should you put foil inside the microwave. This thin sheet of metal doesn't react very well in this appliance, as it starts to heat up rather quickly. The odds of it bursting up in flames are substantially high.

Other materials you need to avoid putting in the microwave include egg cartons, paper bags, cookware with metal trim, containers filled with dipping sauces, Styrofoam, and take-out containers. 

Avoid Slamming the Doors Shut

When you're in a rush to get your food from the microwave, you may accidentally slam the door shut. Repeating this every day tends to add up and cause the door's hinges to wear down prematurely. Fixing these hinges is rather complex, so you'll want to gently close the door each time the microwave is used. 

If the door's hinges do get damaged and you need a replacement, it's important to contact a microwave repair service, like A 1 Professional Appliance. They'll quickly replace the hinges and recommend ways you can prolong the life of other important parts. 

Microwaves are rather important, especially if you eat at home a lot. Make sure these appliances last for as long as possible by maintaining important parts and using them correctly.